Ondines in Brooklyn

Ondines - Brooklyn style 072701As they kiss, the third Ondine calls. Hans dies. Ondine looks around in puzzlement. She asks, “Who is this handsome young man lying here, can you bring him back to life, Old One?” He replies, “Impossible.” As the curtain falls Ondine says, “What a pity! How I should have loved him!”  [Ondine - a play by Jean Giraudoux]

The fruit having been tasted

2014 April 25, 2014 20140425-_DSC2472 The fruit having been tasted_The fruit having been tasted,
There is no frame to fit in.
All youthful beauty spoiled,
We are the opposite of what we were.
Sill we are the same,
Now exiled from our boxes
And free to wander,
To gaze at the life we never did live.