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Rome – La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita -20150521 - 1859

We found one gelateria that is so much better than any in Manhattan that it was a revelation.

Not so the others we have tried, daily.

When I make my own gelato or sorbetto I find the key thing, the only thing, is the quality of the ingredients.   With so much good gelato available off the shelf, it’s only worth making it yourself if you’re willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get superb ingredients for flavoring.

A kiss in SoHo

A kiss in SoHo -20150503 - 0825Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Freidman asked:  why do people buy both lottery tickets and insurance?   One reduces risk, and the other increases it.

One might wonder why a young lady both adds highlights to her hair and kisses a very dark man.  Not exactly the same, but not entirely different.    But they go very well together, and maybe that’s the answer.