First Things Gallery 6/22/2016

Show curated by Fr Paul Anel of Heart’s Home (Point Coeur), selected to show the soul of the photographer and create a kind of visual liturgy.

Talk to the salon on religion and culture called Transfiguration 

The topic was how the instinctive presence of the female body can be transformed into art by the creative process.   All photos were taken in 2016.    Each gallery is about 30 photos.

Instead of a curated gallery, one can think of these as a swiftly moving idea book, where a theme is explored spontaneously in various ways.   in this approach the photo is viewed not so much an object in and of itself, but as one mirror in a reflective disco ball of the mind that allows itself to experiencing delight and wonder.

[The verbal dimension of the talk will be added when website technology is upgraded.]
Beauty and Words
Beauty and Art
Beauty and the Creative Mind


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