About this blog

The purpose of this blog is to present street photos soon after I take them.

It should be roughly chronological.and will almost certainly evolve over time.

For serious technical discussions, I recommend Street Photography Exchange, a discussion thread on dpreview for serious street photography.   You can find it at:


  • — If you click on the photos, you can see them larger.
  • — If you want an RSS feed, there is a link in the  right column.


7 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Eric Rasmusen

    Great Photos. I’ve never seen such consistently high quality. I came here websurfing over names I remembered from Tory and POR history, so I didn’t expect this!

  2. young molly

    Hi Homeros
    if yu read my first entry below yu will see that i have been band from dpreview. and then read the other posts they may help you understand why i am going down this route.
    other people did a good job of bashing up Frank on dp review and i don’t think he posts there any more so if yu could put something in his last thread and tell him to read his blob site that would be great……

    always friends (✿´‿`)
    young molly

    PPS;;;; I have never had two identities on dp review.

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