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I am a street photographer in downtown Manhattan.   I’ve lived in Manhattan all my life, except for university, and now live in Hudson Square, a fledgling neighborhood between Soho, the Village and Tribeca.

I liken myself to the scholar-poets who painted such ineffable landscapes in ancient China, but since I lack any skill with the brush, that is a bit of a stretch.  And my work is entirely effable.  But I do write poetry passably and would disdain any jobs with our imperial court, if one were offered, and I don’t mind drinking a little bit, so it may not be completely fanciful.

But since I’m a sucker for gadgets, it does require a little squinting to see me that way.   And my townhouse is gorgeous and technologically advanced.  So count me among the hypocrites that would like to be seen as uniquely individual, as one who loves beauty and integrity of spirit, but is very inelegant in the pursuit of it, and hopeless in presenting it.

For me, moving to digital photography from film has been nothing but a blessing.   I love how interactive digital is, how the short feedback loops allow rapid learning and experimentation. I especially love that engaging the complete process from capture to processing to printing makes it possible to clarify artistic intent.  In digital, the decisive moment does not only happen when the picture is visualized and the shutter released, but is a continuous and on-going process.

This is truly a golden age for serious photography and for life on the streets of our great cities.

Frank Dobbs

January 11, 2013

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Peter Boutenff

    I don’t think your work is effable. But it’s effing wonderful.

    Keep up the blog. I am subscribing. So glad you’re making this available.

  2. Sue

    I like it. Your self-portrait (presumably) is nice too. Is it a hit n’ run photo, or did someone else do it? 🙂

  3. Bob Marsh

    Dear Mr. Dobbs,

    I recently purchased a copy of The War That Killed Achilles by Caroline Alexander, and after reading the Preface and Note to Reader, I happened to read the reviews available on Amazon.com. The review by Frank Dobbs of New York, which ripped Ms. Alexander a new one, was most interesting and sent me to Mr. Dobbs’ other reviews. I learned that Frank Dobbs, the Amazon reviewer, is extremely well educated and quite an interesting human being. He is also quite interested in photography. A quick bit of Googling led me to you.

    I now confess that I regret the distance from my home in a cabin in the mountains of north Georgia prevents me from knocking on your door and getting to know you over a cup of coffee. Yours is a most extraordinary personality and life. I enjoy reading what you have written and I find your photography fascinating. You have many gifts, and I thank you for sharing them.


    Bob Marsh

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