Surrealistic park bench




2014 June 08, 2014 20140608-DSC_6255 Surrealistic park bench_

The Henri Cartier Bresson show at Beaubourg is good at delineating the, to us rather arbitrary and bizzarre, specific themes of surrealism.

See here, for instance:

Apparently influenced by Freud, there was an effort to connect with the subconscious.  Two of the mean used, that HCB almost pedantically photographed, were fabric that encloses the bdoy and people in a state of dream or revery.   It is impossible at this date to see why people in the 20’s thought this was revelatory or useful, but HCB sure thought so.

Please note that this pedantic surrealism is different from a general attitude of surrealism which is integral to street photography.

I passed by this figure in Central Park, when it occurred to me that here was my chance to make my very own Surrealistic photograph with not one, but two of the obsessive themes of the movement, bondage by fabric and being in a dream state.    So I hope this evokes something in your subconscious.